AIM Cores


The AIM Center's core facilities are equipped with the following tools to help advance research:

  • The ImageStream®x Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer combines the speed, sensitivity and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy.
  • The Cellinsight CX7 is a high-content screening (HCS) platform with flexible imaging options. 
  • Seahorse will be implemented in some of the core facilities.


Autophagy core
Director: Larry Sklar, PhD

  1. Animal resource: Breeding pairs of autophagy and autophagy-related gene transgenic mice for research in pilot, mPI and main personnel laboratories (IACUC approval needed)
  2. Cellomics high content microscopy: Quantitative microscopy for autophagy and lipid droplets as well as other intracellular profiles/organelles (e.g. lysosomes, peroxisomes, potentially mitochondira, nuclear translocation etc). Data generated are based on unbiased data collection and represent various numerical parameters (number/cell; area/cell, % overlap, etc.) + statistics on large number of cells.
  3. Amnis: as above (autophagy measures) for non-adherent cells.

Inflammation and Metabolism core
Director: Judy Cannon, PhD

  1. Seahorse: Oxidative phosphorylation vs glycolysis on adherent and non-adherent (special gel embedded) cells.
  2. Amnis: Flow cytometry for intracellular cytokines, and other profiles in inflammatory/immune cells, etc.