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Research Faculty Development Program

In recognition of the highly competitive environment for obtaining independent funding and tenure track jobs, the department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology has developed a program for talented postdoctoral fellows to enable them to build their publication, teaching, and funding portfolio through appointment to a research faculty position.  Fellows will be chosen for research faculty positions after a careful consideration of their scientific record, a public seminar, and an interview with the Chair and other faculty members in the department.  Individuals appointed to this position will become fully functional faculty members of the department with appropriate faculty privileges and responsibilities.  For documentation and details of this program please contact our Department Administrator,  Sally Ann Garcia (SanGarcia@salud.unm.edu) or 505-272-9374.  Further inquires can be directed to Dr. Mary Ann Osley (MOsley@salud.unm.edu) or Dr. Vojo Deretic (vderetic@salud.unm.edu), Department Chair.